By now, you’ve probably heard that folding smartphones are all the rage. So, what’s all the hubbub about? After all, dual-screen portable electronics are nothing new. The Nintendo DS features two high-resolution TFT screens on the same device, and multiple electronics manufacturers have been releasing ‘foldable’ devices for years. Why are folding phones now so in-vogue?

There’s actually a lot to know about these new devices. To bring you up to speed, we’re telling you exactly what’s so great about folding smartphones.

These Phones Know How to Flex

As we mentioned with the Nintendo DS, legacy portable electronics have made great use of dual screens in a foldable device. What smartphone manufacturers are doing now that is so different is that they’re actually incorporating flexible screens that can bend without distorting the images being displayed on them.

Leading the pack among these new flexible smartphones is the Samsung Fold, which was revealed at the Galaxy Unpacked 2019 trade show. This intelligent little device features a front-facing screen that ‘continues’ into a dual-pane, flexible screen measuring a whopping 7.3 inches in size. This dimension even rivals some of the tablets on the market today.

And, when there’s more real estate on the screen, there’s more that can be done by the user at the same time. For example, with the Samsung Fold, up to three apps can be opened at once, each one being displayed right alongside the next, taking up the entire foldable screen.

Technology Comes at a Price

When the iPhone X and XR were released in 2018, everyone was up-in-arms about the $1,000 price tag. Industry analysts all decried the new phone, saying that it was priced well outside the market. However, we all know that the iPhone X and XR were raving successes.

So, it’s not surprise that Samsung is upping the ante on the new Samsung Fold. How much will one cost, you ask? How about double the cost of an iPhone X? That’s right – the new Samsung Fold will set you back a staggering $1,980 for the base model. Now that’s a pretty penny.

Will flexible, foldable smartphone screens be the ‘next big thing’ in portable electronic technology? Or, will it just fade into obscurity as the market decides that it’s not as cool in practice as it is in concept. Only the future will tell; but, it will certainly be interesting to see what happens!