Everyone makes mistakes, but there’s no doubt that some are more difficult to deal with than others. One of the largest mistakes you can make in your life is to drink and drive, and get charged with a DUI. Being charged with a DUI can easily change your life, so it’s important not to let things get too out of hand. If you do make this major mistakes, you need to know what to do to get your life back on track. Here is some advice on what to do when charged with DUI thanks to Mitch Drantch.

What to Do when Charged with a DUI

Be Cooperative During the Early Procedures

When you are first charged with a DUI there will be plenty of paperwork and procedures to take care of. You might be assigned a court date, a court referral officer, and other paperwork. You won’t make any friends by being defiant or yelling at any court or jail personal doing this time, and you could even land yourself with other charges. Be polite, respectful, and start getting things in order to get your life back on track.

Call a Lawyer

It is not always necessary to get a lawyer for your first DUI, but you can’t be certain. Call on a local reputable DUI lawyer and explain the circumstances of your DUI charge and they will let you know if a lawyer’s services might be necessary. If this is a repeat DUI offense, or there are other charges associated with your DUI such as vehicular assault, you should call a lawyer immediately.

Take Care of the Court’s Assignments

Even first time DUIs can come with many penalties and fees such as drug testing, mandatory counseling, twelve-step meetings, community service and more. A DUI charge is never an easy process but you can make it easier on yourself by taking care of all assignments and penalties in a quick manner. Taking care of all your tasks in an efficient, responsible manner will take stress off of your life and may help you out in the judge’s eye.

Seek Help if You Need It

Not everyone who gets a DUI has a drinking or drug problem, but many do. If you think you might have a legitimate drug or alcohol problem, take this is a big hint that’s time to get the help you need.

A DUI is an extremely stressful, trying time in a person’s life. If you stay cooperative, call on a DUI lawyer, take care of the court’s assignments, and seek help, you can get through this.