Few musical artists have contributed more to their genre than Prince. Before his death in April of 2016, the iconic rock superstar had amassed a following of millions along with four number-one studio albums. Those are impressive accolades, but the most moving part of Prince’s musical career might actually be coming soon.

That’s right: there’s a new Prince album coming out. And, Prince fans around the globe are convinced that this could be the best one yet.

15 New, Original Tracks

The new studio album, appropriately entitled Originals, will contain fifteen completely original tracks from Prince. Out of these fifteen, fourteen will have never been released in any form. So, who has been working to produce this music, if Prince himself has gone beyond the rainbow bridge?

Well, Prince’s estate, that’s who. Those who are responsible for legally carrying out the affairs of Prince have been working with Warner Brothers Music since Prince passed, making sure that his trove of unreleased music would be curated and distributed to the public when the time was right.

And, on June 7th, 2019, the time will be right for the world to experience Prince…again. That’s, right—Prince fans, rejoice!

True to Prince, in Every Way

Even the album art is a fitting homage to Prince, as it depicts a visage of the flashy performer himself, decked out in bedazzled clothing and sporting a tussled hairstyle. It’s a fantastic way for Prince fans to re-remember what it was about this crooning guitarist that made him and his music so unforgettable.

By the way, did you know that Jay-Z had a hand in the release of this album? It’s true. Jay-Z, who works with entertainment media company Tidal, made key decisions on behalf of Prince’s estate in order to get this album to the release phase. That says a lot, because Jay-Z is known to be someone with an incredible amount of ‘pull’ in the hip-hop industry. The fact that he was at least partially responsible for the production of this album says a lot about the state of music today.

So, are you excited to hear the ‘new’ Prince music being released on June 7th? Do you think what we’ll hear will be anything like “Purple Rain” or “Little Red Corvette”? What makes this record so remarkable for Prince fans is that they have no idea what to expect. As we mentioned earlier, Prince’s Origins might actually turn out to be the best Prince album, ever!

Let us know what you think!