Have you ever been shopping for jewelry as an anniversary present for a significant other only to find that the jewelry brand they like hasn’t updated their styles since the last time you bought a piece? Many potential jewelry shoppers are left jaded when they think they have tons of choices but are left with the old same brands and old same styles. One national jeweler based in Colorado is fighting the monotony of jewelry with a prolific nature and inspired designs.

The jewelry market is in the United States is unfortunately saturated by a few big brands that corner most of the jewelry profits and take up plenty of shelf space at your local fine jewelry outlet. There are some big problems when major brands dominate like caring more about profits than an inspired design. Major jewelry manufacturers want to do the minimum to keep their market share which means most “new” designs are last year’s designs with minor modifications.

Some manufacturers may also refuse to sell new lines to jewelers and elsewhere unless they have already sold down their previous lines. This leaves the customer with the illusion of variety and choice but really the same tired rings and necklaces. John Atencio doesn’t want his potential customers to shop the same bland styles offered by major brands which help sperate Atencio jewelry from the field.

Because John Atencio is prolific in design there’s a good chance that the Atencio collection at your local jewelry store will not stay the same for several years or even one year to the next. Atencio is passionate about designing every new piece with its own backstory and own design which means not only is Atencio prolific but the unique design process also breeds new pieces every season. This offers shoppers the benefit of a favorite brand but without letting go of choice. Atencio’s design process means every piece is unique and you’ll have more than just an illusion of choice every new year.

While most of the major jewelry brands are complacent to sit back and monitor their bottom line, Atencio is hard at work making new designs for jewelry lovers across the United States. You can look for Atencio jewelry at your local jeweler or head online to Atencio’s website for the latest in designs.


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