If you’re wanting to learn Lacrosse, then the only name you need to think of is Jon Urbana. Jon Urbana is a legendary former Lacrosse PRO who know runs Next Level Lacrosse Camp.

So first, what is Lacross?

You don’t have to know the exact rules to toss around the ball or shoot it in a game of lacrosse, but you won’t get very far in the sport if you don’t know how it’s played. Luckily lacrosse is not a difficult game to learn, but like every sport it has its subtleties and variations that you need to know to have the best time playing.

Let’s review the basics of the rules and game of lacrosse so you can understand what they’re doing on TV, or what your kid is supposed to be doing in practice.

10 Things You Need to Know About Lacrosse

  1. Men’s and women’s lacrosse is played differently. Because it is currently the most popular, this article will review the basics of the men’s game. You need to know they are different to start.
  2. A team scores when the ball crosses the oppositions’ goal line. The team with the most points at the end of the game wins.
  3. Lacrosse has four types of players, attackers (Attackmen,) defenders, midfielders, and goalies. Attackers are meant to score, defenders, defend, and midfielders do both. Goalies are the last line of defense and the only players allowed to manipulate the lacrosse ball within the crease.
  4. Face-offs begin to play in lacrosse. A face-off is used whenever play is started or resumed.
  5. Basic play is not too complicated. The team moves the ball towards the opposition’s goal to score, while the opposing team seeks to get the ball back to attack their opposition’s goal. Like other sports, there are playing philosophies, plays, formations, and practiced ways to score.
  6. The goals are surrounded by a nine-foot circle known as the crease. Offensive players are not allowed in the crease.
  7. Lacrosse is a fast-gamed game, and there are rules to keep this pace going:
  8. A goalie with the ball must move it out of the crease within four seconds of receiving the ball
  9. Once the defense gains possession of the ball, they have 20 seconds to move it across midfield
  10. Once the ball has moved past midfield, the team has ten seconds to move the ball into the “attack” zone
  11. During the last two minutes of the game, the leading team must only play inside the attack area.
  12. A team’s attackers must be behind the offensive restraining line, and defenders must be behind the defensive restraining line during a faceoff. Failure to do may result in an offsides penalty. You also receive a defensive offside when there are fewer than four players behind the midfield line, and offensive occurs when there are fewer than three players above the midfield line.
  13. There are personal and technical fouls in lacrosse. Each penalty has its respective penalty time or change in possession penalty.

This will fast-forward your lacrosse knowledge, but that’s not all there is to know. If you want your kid to know the game, it’s best to enroll them at a reputable lacrosse training camp like Next Level Lacrosse run by former Villanova Jon Urbana. Urbana can teach the intricacies if the game along with the skills needed to play it the right way.

Do you want to know about Jon Urbana? Here are a few links to find more info on Jon Urbana, and Next Level Lacrosse Camp.

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