Buying real estate is one of the better investments you can make but anyone who’s ever shopped for real estate knows it can be a major pain. Trying to find the perfect home in the perfect spot and under budget takes patience and persistence but if you want to shore up your real estate search its best to start with a local team of experts to guide you. Those searching for homes in the hot Telluride market have found a unique team at Telluride Real Estate Corp that uses both local knowledge and market statistics to get their clients into the perfect Telluride vacation home.

The Dwight and Martin Team of Telluride Real Estate Corp. has been together since 2004 and in those more than ten years they’ve become members of the Telluride community. Dwight and Martin don’t only sell real estate in Telluride, they also volunteer their time, enjoy their favorite leisurely activities, and send their children to school there. When shopping for any real estate you need a team with intimate local knowledge and it’s even more important when shopping for destination real estate. The Dwight and Martin team’s multiple decades of work and life in the Telluride area give you that local bump. There’s one more weapon in the team’s arsenal – the stats.

The Dwight and Martin Team provides their potential customers with several statistics about the local market to help ensure they get the best deal. In their Telluride Market Report Telluride Real Estate Corp. compiles many helpful facts and figures including number of homes sold, asking price on those homes, the rise and fall of housing prices, where the homes are being bought, and more. This helps any potential Telluride homeowners look over what the local market is doing and use that knowledge to get the best deal. The Telluride Market Report is free to anyone who requests it. This type of transparency is difficult to find at many other high-end real estate agencies and further boosts the credentials of the Dwight and Martin team.

Knowing the neighborhoods and their subtleties helps give The Dwight and Martin team a head-start in the Telluride market but they also use market statistics to help them match their potential buyers to the right home.


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