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Tips on How to Handle Being Charged with a DUI

Tips on How to Handle Being Charged with a DUI

Everyone makes mistakes, but there’s no doubt that some are more difficult to deal with than others. One...
Roofing on a sunny day

Can You Replace Missing Roof Shingles? 

To answer your question, yes. You should be concerned if it looks like a part of your roof is damaged....
CaterUp! catering conference

CaterUp! Conference Brings Together 25 Industry Experts

This year’s CaterUp! Conference will feature insight from more than 25 industry leaders across the catering landscape, from Dunkin’ Donuts...

eDealerships’ the New Car Buying Experience

There are a lot of new eDealerships popping up, one that is catching the most attention as of late is...
front range hvac team

Local HVAC Outfit Provides Needed Upgrades for Customers

Those who live in Denver, Colorado and the surrounding area know it can get bitterly cold during the winter. Many...
Sean Hakes

Sean Hakes

Sean Hakes is the Founder & CEO of Altitude SEO in Denver, Colorado. Altitude SEO is a full-service digital marketing...

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