The most common residential roofing material in the country and Colorado is asphalt shingles. Though asphalt shingles cover approximately 75% of Colorado homes, there are several neighborhoods built with concrete tiles, composite roofing, and the classic wood shake. Wood shakes have several great qualities but when it comes to replacing your wood shake roof – good luck.

Unfortunately for wood shake homeowners, shake has become difficult to install and even more difficult to insure. If it’s time to replace your wood shake roof, can you switch to more reliable asphalt roofing? Let’s learn if you can replace a wood shake roof with asphalt shingles and what you need to know about making the switch.

Making the Switch

Good news Colorado homeowners, most everybody can make the switch from wood shakes to asphalt shingles. If you’re ready to ditch the shake turn to dimensional or premium asphalt shingles for the least drastic change and highest benefits.

Decking Needs and More Expenses

Wood shake is an entirely different roofing system than asphalt, so changes will need to be made during a switch. In most cases wood shake is attached to a spaced decking system that allows air to flow in and out of the roof, providing ventilation. Unfortunately, spaced decking is not code-compliant for asphalt shingles. You will need to add code-compiant OSB or plywood sheathing on top of the spaced decking which will incur extra costs. A reliable roofer will give you accurate cost estimates before you begin.

Mimicking the Look of Shake

Many homeowners like the rough-hewn cut and personality provided by wood shake, but you don’t want to switch that out for boring rows of 3-tab asphalt shingles. If you’re switching from wood shake to shingles there are several great asphalt matches that mimic the look, color, and depth of a wood shake. Several major brands specialize in imitation shake shingles including GAF, Owens Corning, and CertainTeed.

Dimensional asphalt shingles provide depth and an offset cut like wood shake making them a great choice for many homeowners but if you want the closest match turn to premium asphalt shingles which are thicker than standard dimensional shingles and are cut to closely resemble wood shake. You can expect to pay more for premium shingles when compared to traditional dimensional asphalt, but they often come with longer warranties and better appearances.

Shake Off, Shingle On

If your roof was built with wood shake have no fear, you can switch out that shake roof for an asphalt roof in a snap. Consider price, added expenses, and the perfect match to get the best possible upgrade. Shake is great for many reasons, but asphalt shingles will get you more of your money’s worth. Need more? Contact a roofing contractor today.