Maintaining an aircraft can be an expensive profession or hobby and even more-so if you find yourself victim to a hack paint job or a refinishing from an uncertified entity that treats your paint job like an automobile. We sat down with North Carolina-based Boss Aircraft Refinishers to discuss what pilots and owners should be looking for before they pass their craft off to any refinisher.

4 Things to Know About Aircraft Refinishing

Certifications and Registrations

Safety is the number one concern for any aircraft refinishing job according to the team at Boss. You want to be certain any aircraft mechanic or refinishing service you take your plane to is certified to do what you want to be done to the plane. This includes FAA-certified mechanics and other respective registrations. If they can’t show you appropriate licensing – it’s a no-fly.

Previous Work

Your aircraft is your baby, and you want your baby to look good. Why would you take your aircraft to be painted by someone before seeing their previous work? Any reputable aircraft refinishing service will be proud to show you their portfolio of work and what they’ve accomplished on the previous aircraft. A company’s portfolio can also show you ideas from their previous work that you can use for your own.

Reviews and Testimonials

According to the guys at Boss, the easiest way to get an overview of a company is by reviewing their reviews and testimonials. You can use online reviews from third-party sites like Google or Yelp but also ask for testimonials and referrals directly from the aircraft refinisher. Don’t just take the referrals, call them and ask about their experience. This is the best to way to get an in-depth look at a company and how they operate before forking over a single dime.

Customer Service

The key to any great refinishing experience is proper customer service. If you walk in the door of a refinisher and are treated like another number – that’s not the company for you. Reviews and testimonials can give you an insight into a company’s customer service but if you get a bad feeling or don’t like how you’re being treated – reviews don’t mean anything.

The team at Boss wants all pilots to get the best aircraft painting and refinishing job on their craft – regardless if it’s from there or not. They recommend researching reviews, previous work, and always checking for proper licensing and certification. By checking those boxes, you’ll get a beautiful aircraft.


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