There’s nothing in this world quite as exciting as a good sport. Pushing yourself to the limit is the name of the game, and watching a person take themselves to the very extremes of their potential is a thrilling experience like no other. So what happens when we push the very concept of a sport itself to its limit? Here are the top five craziest extreme sports in the world right now:


Ever wonder what it’s like to be a hamster? Invented in 1994, Zorbing comes to us all the way from New Zealand and is quickly becoming one of the most popular extreme sports in the world. A “Zorb” is a hard, plastic ball big enough to fit an entire person. The sport of Zorbing consists of getting inside that ball in rolling it all the way down a hill to the finish line. 

Some variations include Zorbing on flat land in a kind of variation on Bumper Cars. The Zorb has a natural shock absorber built inside it so participants are free to let out their inner wild-child. Whether racing competitively or just bouncing around with friends, Zorbing is a truly unique experience that must be seen to be believed.

Extreme Pogo

While the words “Extreme” and “Pogo” may not seem like natural companions, internet daredevils are doing their hardest to break the stigma of Pogoing. Using a specially designed form of pogo stick called an Xpogo, Extreme Pogoers are all about getting as much airtime as possible in order to complete wild and fantastic tricks. The Xpogo has been custom made in order to maximize potential airtime, enabling a fully grown adult to bounce as high as 10 feet in the air!

Free Solo Climbing

Free Solo Climbing speaks for itself. It’s climbing a mountain – by yourself – completely free of tethers, ropes, or any kind of protective safety mechanism. It’s one of the most dangerous sports on this list and is only encouraged for climbing experts. Dozens of people have already been killed or injured, so extreme caution should be taken before considering this sport!


Feeling a little left out because you don’t have a mountain to jump off in your backyard? Fret not, urbanites, because the ancient sport of parkour is perfect for anyone with access to nothing more than a couple of benches. Also known as freerunning, parkour consists of running onto and jumping off assorted, urban obstacles, making sure to thread in flips and tricks as smoothly as possible. The most extreme version of parkour involves jumping between rooftops with absolutely no safety gear. Parkour is one of the most accessible sports available – no arena and no gym necessary!

Wingsuit BASE Jumping

Wingsuit BASE jumping is just about the closest a human being can get to flying. No parachute, no bungee cord; just you, a mountaintop, and a thin nylon suit that transforms you into something resembling a flying squirrel. This is perhaps the most challenging sport on this list, the US Parachute Association requires that jumpers complete 200 freefall skydives before even attempting a wingsuit jump. While it may take years of training, this is the perfect sport for anyone who’s ever dreamed of what it might be like to be an eagle.

And there you have it! Those are the top five most extreme sports in the world right now. While they can be a thrill to watch, serious caution should be taken before ever attempting them yourself.