For thousands of years, humans have treated campfires as a place of gathering and community. Whether it’s being used for cooking or keeping warm, fire mesmerizes us and incites a rustic feeling of oneness with nature and our ability to harness it.

Nowadays, there are several modern upgrades to the traditional campfire available to consumers of all tastes. Here are a few of the different types of firepits available today thanks to Firepit Outfitter.

Wood Burning

For many enthusiasts, nothing quite compares to a standard, old-fashioned wood fire. After all, there’s no substitute for the crackle, smell and smoke of real wood fuel.

Wood burning fire pits come in varying styles, from enclosed outdoor fireplaces to homemade brick or stone pits. An outdoor grill can also be used as a firepit, though its more often utilized for cooking.

Although simple and affordable, wood fire pits require more maintenance than other options, as there is constant necessity for fuel replenishment and storage in a dry area. Wood smoke can also cause issues with neighbors, as the smell can easily make its way across property lines and through open windows and doors.


A modern spin on the traditional campfire is the gas fire pit, of which there are two types: propane and natural gas.

Propane fire pits are a popular choice for their convenience and breadth of styles. From faux wood and stone to glass, the design possibilities for propane fire pits are nearly endless. In addition, their fuel source is easier to maintain than natural wood fire pits.

Natural gas fire pits are also a common alternative, however they require an existing natural gas line in order to function and can never be relocated once placed. On the upside, they will never run out of fuel, providing the utmost in convenience for those who demand it.

Gel Fuel/Tabletop Firepits

For those seeking portability and ability for indoor use, a tabletop firepit may be the perfect choice. These pits are fueled by a special type of gel that burns clean and doesn’t produce any odors. Their only downside is they are not as widely available, and the gel fuel itself can be difficult to procure.

We’ve come a long way since our harnessing of fire hundreds of thousands of years ago, but our innate fascination with fire hasn’t dwindled. Firepits are a surefire way to add appeal and atmosphere to your home or patio, and with so many options available today, there’s a pit for everyone out there.